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Culinary Underground has created an excellent product, providing the Lincoln Haymarket with a crafted food and drink experience. They have received rave reviews about the food and catering on social media as well as in some of the local publications.

Over careful consideration, the owners have decided to close their doors in the Haymarket. This is a strategic business plan to relocate.

“The Haymarket continues to be a very events driven area. We are proud to have so many regular customers who sought out our chef-driven menu and vegetarian-friendly options, but ultimately we are disappointed to admit we couldn’t build and maintain the customer base we wanted to in that setting, many things could have been done differently, ” said Mark Creglow. “We look forward to opening up in a more neighborhood type setting.”

No space has been decided upon yet, but the owners are considering various options and are looking forward to announcing the new location as early as this Spring. Although the restaurant is closing at 803 Q street, catering and services for the Private Event room located at 728 Q street are still available during the transition.

Services offered at the private event room will continue to expand. Customers have expressed gratitude for the intimate space and chef-driven catering options. The team plans to devote special attention to continuing to build clientele while the owners find the right spot to put the new restaurant.

The decision has been made to close the doors right away on December 31, 2016. The employees were given notice as well as suppliers and landlord in advance. “We think it is important to continue to put people ahead of profits, because we know that in the long run, that is the best decision for the business and community. Many restaurants close, but often times do so unexpectedly without notice to the staff and servicers,” said Creglow.  The owners wanted to give the staff the opportunity to find other employment and have offered most of the staff at least part-time opportunities in the catering business.

Email the owner at with any questions.

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